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Point-to-Point-Acupuncture provides treatment at an affordable
price, either in the convenience and comfort of your own home,
or in an
easy to get to office located in Astoria, Queens.
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Not Just for Patients Also a Resource for Practitioners

The goal of this website is to not only be an advertisement, but
a resource for acupuncturists and laymen interested in the
theories and techniques of acupuncture.

On the
Resources page, you will find documents related to a
variety of topics, from lesser-known diagnostic theories such as
the Luo Vessels, to important point combinations and massage
A Great Physician should not pay
attention to status, wealth or age;
neither should he question whether
the particular person is attractive or
unattractive, whether he is an enemy
or friend, whether he is Chinese or a
foreigner, or finally, whether he is
uneducated or educated. He should
meet everyone on equal grounds. He
should always act as if he were
thinking of his close relatives.

                      – Sun Simiao