Nick was trained in Classical Chinese Acupuncture at the Swedish
Institute, one of the nation’s oldest schools of bodywork. There, he
studied under the guidance of Jeffrey C. Yuen, a Taoist teacher known
world-wide as a master in Chinese Medicine.

Nick was introduced to meditation and Eastern philosophy by his father
as a young boy. Captivated by Taoist Internal Alchemy, which views
the body as a vehicle for spiritual and psychological liberation, he was
driven to study acupuncture to better understand the role Qi has in
animating the body and keeping it in vibrant health.

Also a writer, Nick has an interest in providing easy-to-reference
resources to other acupuncturists so that they may further their
knowledge and better the practice of their art.

In addition to his private practice, Nick has been working as a
professor and clinic supervisor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
in Manhattan since 2011.

Terri is a 4th generation practitioner of the art of Chinese Medicine.
Her training began at home with her mother and grandmother teaching
her herbal medicine, gua sha, and the energetics of food.

Terri graduated from the Swedish Institute School of Massage Therapy
in 2001, and in 2005, she graduated from their School of Acupuncture
after three years of rigorous study with Taoist master  Jeffrey C. Yuen.

Terri specializes in women’s health, facial massage and rejuvenation.
She believes optimum health can be achieved through proper diet and
exercise, and balanced emotions.
Nicholas V. Isabella III, L.Ac.
Terri Ma, L.Ac., LMT